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P.O.V. Made In L.A.

Photo of hands working on a sewing machine.
Eduard Chugunov
Photo of hands working on a sewing machine.

Airs Sunday, August 16 at 10:30 p.m.

Immigration Myths and Realities:

Are immigrants dramatically less educated than native-born Americans? Does immigration cause unemployment to increase? P.O.V. takes a look at some of the most repeated myths about immigration and delves deeper to discover the realities underlying the immigration debate. More

Los Angeles is now the country's center for apparel manufacturing, but many of its factories bear an eerie resemblance to New York's early 20th-century sweatshops. Made in L.A. follows the remarkable journey of three Latina immigrants working in L.A.'s garment factories and their struggle for self-empowerment as they wage a three-year battle to bring a major clothing retailer to the negotiating table. This intimate film offers a rare and poignant glimpse into the "other" California, where immigrants in many industries toil long hours for sub-minimum wages, fighting for an opportunity in a new country.

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