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Seventh Annual alt.pictureshows

"This Way Up" one of the shorts screening at alt.pictureshow
Magnolia Pictures
"This Way Up" one of the shorts screening at alt.pictureshow

Annual Short Film Showcase Returns Downtown

On Thursday, August 27, 2009 from 7 to 10pm, alt.pictureshows returns to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s downtown location (1100 and 1001 Kettner Blvd.) where it debuted back in 2003. This year’s event will showcase more than twenty short films.

Event founder, filmmaker, and MCASD’s film curator, Neil Kendricks, calls alt.pictureshows “physical channel surfing” and “cinematic funhouse” with films looped throughout the galleries allowing attendees to move from one space to another, one film to another. Kendricks spent the past year seeking out the best short films around. This year’s line-up offers a range of subjects from the misadventures of a would-be magician and a series of unlikely erotic encounters to a self-help guru’s satirical words of advice for our tough economic times. Each room in alt.pictureshows offers a cross-section of short films linked either by a common theme, sensibility, or both in what promises to be a marvelous evening of micro-cinema.

The selection includes animated mayhem Bill Plympton and Don Hertzfeldt; experimental music videos; video art projects by Raymond Pettibon and Marilyn Minter; and a room devoted to Reynold Reynolds’ short films.

Kendricks designed the program as a fun way to introduce the public to innovative artists making artistically daring and original short films from outside the mainstream and displaying a true spirit of independence. So if you're looking for something to challenge and engage you, this is it: the environment is thoroughly unique, and the films always offer a smorgasbord of delights.

‘Toon Town Troublemakers’ Detention (for Immature Audiences)

Raymond Pettibon, “Sunday Night and Saturday Morning” (2005)

Raymond Pettibon, “Repeater Pencil” (2004)

Smith and Foulkes, “This Way Up” (2008)

Don Hertzfeldt, “I Am So Proud of You” (2008)

Bill Plympton, “Hot Dog” (2008)

PES, “Western Spaghetti” (2008)

Jeremy Clapin, “Skhizein” (2008)

Funny Boneyard IV: Drama Queens and Global Village Idiots Unite (Again)

Cheryl Kanekar, “Kraczinsky’s Krash Kourses in Success” (2009)

Patrick Eklund, “Instead of Abracadabra” (2008)

Welcome to the Pleasuredome: Buzzcocks and the New Flesh

Justin Newell, “Acting for the Camera” (2009)

Dmitry Povolotsky, “PAL/SECAM” (2008)

Sam Taylor-Wood, “Love You More” (2008)

The Tragic Kingdom of Reynold Reynolds

“Six Apartments” (2007)

“Secret Life” (2008)

“Secret Machine” (2009)

Beggar’s Banquet and Other Meal Tickets

Dumb Bunny, “Abbie Cancelled” (2009)

Nadejda Koseva, “Omelette” (2008)

Mini-Docs R’ Us V

Eva Weber, “Steel Homes” (2008)

Kimi Takesue, “Suspended” (2009)

David Mollering, “Tandem” (2009)

The Wailing Wall, Disc IV

Neil Kendricks, “Untitled Project” (2009)

Nathan Gulick, “Swamp Thing” (2004)

Marilyn Minter, “Green Pink Caviar” (2009)

For more information on MCASD Film Series, call 858 454 3541 or visit Please note that some of these shorts contain mature content.

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