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Exploring 'Off And Running'

Exploring 'Off And Running'
Filmmaker Nicole Opper's documentary "Off and Running" is a story about an African-American teenage girl's search for her birth mom as she is being raised by her Jewish, lesbian adoptive parents.

The film "Off And Running" will play at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival on Monday, February 15, at 8 p.m., 2010, at the AMC La Jolla.

Maureen Cavanaugh: The search for identity is a common theme in coming of age films, but it's seldom as complicated as in the documentary "Off and Running." In the film we meet an African-American high school track star who is searching for her birth parents. But in the meantime, her non-traditional adoptive family is becoming worried that she's pulling away from them. Her parents are two white, Jewish lesbians and her brothers are of different races.

The documentary "Off and Running" has won a host of awards at film festivals, and now it comes to the San Diego Jewish Film Festival.

The director of the film is originally from San Diego.


Nicole Opper, documentary filmmaker of "Off and Running."

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