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Cop Out Appeals to Teen Girls Too

"Cop Out"
Warner Brothers
"Cop Out"

"Cop Out" (opened February 26 throughout San Diego) is 2010’s funniest film so far! It’s a story about two NYPD cops, Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) who are trying to get Jimmy’s rare baseball card that has been stolen. Jimmy desperately need that card in order to pay for his daughter's wedding. When the card lands in the hands of a mob of drug dealers, Jimmy and Paul immediately are involved in an outrageous adventure.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan did an amazing job working together. It really seemed like they’ve been partners for life. Not to mention Seann William Scott who was one of the robbers who took Jimmy’s card. He was incredibly hilarious throughout the film. Director Kevin Smith really did convey what a drug dealing mob is like.

Being Catholic I didn’t really like how they would cuss in the church and I ESPECIALLY did not like how they killed the man either. It's not right to think you can kill someone and say, "Forgive me father for I have sinned," and be good with God. It didn't really seem to be right. The accent of one of the gangsters was terrible! I speak Spanish and he was, what us Hispanics call a "Pocho," which means someone with a bad accent. Other than that it is a good movie though. And a great one may I say.


The theater was filled with laughter. The movie had action, romance, sadness, and a lot of comedy. I highly recommend anybody to go watch "Cop Out." It seems to be a movie fit for any ages. This is definitely a movie to watch with the family. Well maybe more like anybody who is 17 and over since it is an R-rated film. So leave the little ones at home and go watch "Cop Out!" You’ll absolutely love it.

--Lourdes “Lulu” Pegueros is currently a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She’s been in the Marching band for three years and after high school she plans on joining the Navy to join the Naval band. She wanted to be a teen critic because it seemed interesting and she loves watching movies.

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