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Local Screening: 'Ander'

"Ander" screening tonight at the San Diego Latino Film Festival
"Ander" screening tonight at the San Diego Latino Film Festival

SDLFF and FilmOut Present Basque Film Tonight at UltraStar Mission Valley

Here’s something I love to see, festivals working together to create crossover audiences for films. So tonight the San Diego Latino Film Festival screens “Ander” (7:30pm at the UltraStar Mission Valley Theaters at Hazard Center) in conjunction with FilmOut San Diego.

“Ander” was a surprise hit at Berlinale's “Panorama,” where it had its premiere. “Ander” serves up a love story between a Basque farmer and a Peruvian immigrant, set in an idyllic Basque valley.

“The film was born out of necessity,” explains director Roberto Caston. “GLBT films slowly start to be produced in Spain , but almost none of them make an approach with a clear social and inclusive perspective, and none of them take place outside an urban context. This can lead to the mistaken idea that the city is the natural habitat for those who have a different sexual orientation. There are no movies in Spain that portray this theme in rural communities, usually resistant to changes and often intimidated by diversity.”


“Ander” is in Basque with English subtitles.