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Trailer: Machete

Danny Trejo as "Machete"
20th Century Fox
Danny Trejo as "Machete"

Special Cinco De Mayo Trailer for Arizona

Robert Rodriguez made a faux trailer for a film called "Machete" to use in the "Grindhouse" double feature he and Quentin Tarantino put together. This summer a real film called "Machete" will hit theaters. But for Cinco de Mayo, Machete has a special trailer for Arizona.

Machete, the character created by actor Danny Trejo for filmmaker Robert Rodriguez in "Grindhouse," is a Mexican with an attitude. So who better to come up with a special Cinco de Mayo message to challenge Arizona's new immigration law. So here it is. (WARNING: Contains adult language.)

Machete Cinco de Mayo Trailer

"Machete" is scheduled to open on September 3.