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An All Ages Breakdance Extravaganza

Culture Shock's "Shock 101: Evolution"

KPBS photojournalist Katie Euphrat and I went to a recent rehearsal at Culture Shock Dance Center where young and old practiced for a big show taking place this weekend. The show is titled "Shock 101: Evolution" and it charts the evolution of a Culture Shock dancer. They focus on the roots of hip hop dance, or what is more commonly referred to as breakdancing.

Culture Shock started here in San Diego but now has satellites all over the country. Their dancers have gone on to win MTV competitions and perform in music videos with the likes of Missy Elliot.

If you're looking for some high energy, head-bobbing, booty shakin' entertainment this weekend, head to the Garfield Theatre in La Jolla. Plus, how can you resist those little 5-year-olds breakin' it down?


Culture Shock's "Shock 101: Evolution" takes place Friday and Saturday at the Garfield Theatre in La Jolla.