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Mexican Pointy Boots Have Me Speechless

A dance crew from Buenavista in pointy boots.
A dance crew from Buenavista in pointy boots.

This is the most bizarre fashion trend. In fact, these Mexican pointy boots are so bizarre, I fully expect to see them before years end on the runways of Paris.

The boots were first seen and coveted in a northern Mexican town called Matehuala, sparking a surprising fad in rodeos and cowboy communities. For the last year, the pointy boots caught on in other towns, rodeos and discos, even surfacing on dance floors in Dallas, Texas.

These boots are, apparently, made for dancing. The music of choice is "tribal" music, a mixture of Pre-Columbian and African sounds mixed with fast cumbia bass and electro-house beats. They seem to be worn mostly by men, some of whom compete in dance competitions.

There are rumors of a man wearing pointy boots 7 feet in length. And if you're going to rock such pointy boots, why not make them sparkle? They are often adorned with glitter, flashing lights, disco balls and satin.

Check out this video from Vice Magazine.

Mexican Pointy Boots!