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Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts, Parts One & Two (Season Five)

John Thaw as Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis
Courtesy of Executive Program Services
John Thaw as Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis

Airs Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 9 p.m. & 10 p.m. on KPBS TV

Inspector Morse is a character from the detective novels by British author Colin Dexter. John Thaw stars as a most unlikely detective in this popular television mystery series. Inspector Morse is a gentle romantic, out of shape, craving good beer, classical music, and difficult crossword puzzles. But aided by trusted sidekick Sergeant Lewis (Kevin Whately), Morse still gets the job done.

"Greeks Bearing Gifts" Parts One & Two - Morse and Lewis investigate when Nicos, the chef from a local Greek restaurant, is found murdered. He had been in England for six months and they initially learn little about him other than he was well liked and had no enemies.

They eventually learn that he had previously been in England as a sous-chef for Digby Tuckerman, a wheeler dealer whose hotel went bankrupt and is now hoping to open a series of marine theme parks. Morse seeks the advice of Randall Rees a scholarly expert on ancient Greek ships and learns that he too was recently in Greece as the organizer of a symposium on ancient Greek maritime vessels. When Nicos' sister is also killed, Morse must determine who would want them both dead.

Preview: Inspector Morse: Greeks Bearing Gifts