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Update: Spike And Mike's 30th Festival Of Animation Extravaganza

"Europa & Italy" by Bruno Bozzetto from Italy.
Bruno Bozzetto
"Europa & Italy" by Bruno Bozzetto from Italy.

Festival Extended to April 13

Apparently, you cannot have too much of a good thing. So by popular demand Spike and Mike's 30th Festival Of Animation Extravaganza has been extended to April 13 with new shorts added.

Spike and Mike's various festivals of animation and sick and twisted collections have been entertaining audiences for decades. Their most recent collection, a 30th Anniversary Extravaganza, highlights some classic and award-winning animated shorts suitable for the whole family. But the festival proved so successful that Craig "Spike" Decker decided to extend the festival through April 13 and to spice it up with some new entries.

Recently added was Mike Salva's "Pound Dogs," about a pair of dogs trying to secure adoption and shooting the sh-t while they wait. Just added are a trio of international short films: "Europa & Italy" by Bruno Bozzetto from Italy; "No Neck Joe" series from the creator of "Power Puff Girls" Craig McCracken (a Spike and Mike favorite); a brand new episode of the "Animation vs. Animator" series; and a surprise addition that Spike will not reveal.


So if you haven't had a chance to catch up with the latest edition of Spike and Mike, I suggest you head on over for a delightful evening. The program also includes such venerable classics as "Creature Features," "Loom," "Grasshoppers" as well as "Bambi Meets Godzilla," for which Spike promises, "we are also going to have an abundance of balloons for these shows and fan participation."