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An American Mosque

Mosque construction after fire in 1994, Yuba City, Calif.
Courtesy of the Islamic Center of Yuba City
Mosque construction after fire in 1994, Yuba City, Calif.

Airs Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016 at 11:30 p.m. on KPBS TV

Khalid Saeed on farm.
Courtesy of David Washburn
Khalid Saeed on farm.

"An American Mosque" is a groundbreaking documentary about religious freedom and the struggle against intolerance set in a rural California town. Sparked by the destruction of a mosque, we witness how a community responds to hate through painful but ultimately positive discussions about the perception of Islam in America and our responsibility to defend everyone's constitutional right to worship.

In the end, determined members of different faiths come together to support the Muslim community as it peacefully rebuilds its mosque. As mosque projects are increasingly scrutinized around the country, "An American Mosque" tells a timely story that suggests how we can become a more tolerant society.


"A Stunningly Beautiful Documentary."Capital Public Radio

Directed by David Washburn.

“An American Mosque” is on Facebook, and you can follow @_davidwashburn on Twitter.

"An American Mosque" - Trailer

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