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Ask KPBS/Arts: Where Can I Take Art Classes?

KPBS/Arts is a calendar dedicated to local arts events.
KPBS/Arts is a calendar dedicated to local arts events.

Hello, arts friends. This week, Ask KPBS/Arts answers a question from Cara H.:

I work at Diversionary Theatre in University Heights. Once a month we are allowed to take a day out of the office to explore art and San Diego. I would love to be able to take some fine art or performing art classes, but I can't seem to find any drop-in classes for adults - can you help me?

Agreed, Cara, adult drop-in classes are hard to find. I've been looking for a casual Ballet Folklorico class for about 10 years and no luck. But there are some options for you.

A good place to start is Bravo School of Art in Liberty Station because there's something for all kinds of interests and skill levels.

As far as fine arts, Bravo has everything from oil painting techniques to sketching with watercolor. There's even a class called "Animal Drawing at the San Diego Zoo." Bravo also does a good job with textiles and mixed media, so you can learn how to weave a tapestry, embroider or, if you feel like it, paint your jeans. Here's the class calendar.

Watercolor pencils at an art studio in Liberty Station.
Courtesy of NTC Foundation
Watercolor pencils at an art studio in Liberty Station.

The San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park has a few quirky classes, like learning how to weave using yarn made from discarded plastic bags, or the basics of hand-lettering.

There are also plenty of spots in North County that offer drop-in classes, like Palette Passions and Martin Fine Art Classes.

Moving on to performing arts, it gets a bit tricky because that tends to require a longer commitment. But not impossible!

You can do some acting and comedy through workshops at Finest City Improv. There's one this weekend that will teach you clown skills. National Comedy Theatre offers team building seminars. It's a stretch but . . .

Things look better if you're interested in dance. My friends have been raving about the weekend hip hop class at Culture Shock Dance Center. They promised that no experience is necessary, maybe we can go together?

Culture Shock also has drop-ins for everything from Belly Dance and Burlesque to Contemporary and Jazz. Here's the schedule.

Also, many ballet and contemporary dance studios offer drop-in adult classes, but you'll most likely have to pay a registration fee.

Hopefully these will get you started. Good luck and I'll be expecting a picture of your masterpiece.

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