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Courtesy of Rex Miller
Sid Blizzard Sr., Vivian Howard, Adrian Miller and Sid Blizzard Jr. are standing next to the barbecue pits at Sid's Catering in Beulaville, N.C.

Airs Monday, May 11, 2020 at 10 p.m. on KPBS TV + PBS Video App

On “How Do You Cue?,” follow chef Vivian Howard on a journey to learn how other Southerners cook and eat barbecue. She travels to Florida for smoked mullet and Texas for barbecue with Japanese and Mexican twists.

Follow Vivian as she expands her idea of what barbecue is and how it’s done.


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Courtesy of Markay Media
Pitmaster Helen Turner prepares a customer's order at her restaurant, Helen’s Bar-BQ in Brownsville, Tenn.
Courtesy of Markay Media
Chefs Greg Baker and Vivian Howard talk about cracker culture and cuisine while getting ready to eat lunch at BJ’s Alabama BBQ in Tampa, Fla.

About The Series:

Celebrity chef, author and restaurateur Vivian Howard, who previously hosted the award-winning series A CHEF’S LIFE, returns to PBS on SOMEWHERE SOUTH. The new six-part series is a culinary tour, exploring dishes that are uniting cultures and creating new traditions across the American South.

“Shooting SOMEWHERE SOUTH has made me look at what we call Southern food with a new set of spectacles. The home kitchens I learn in, the stories I hear people share, the food I watch them make — it has lit a fresh fire under me,” Vivian says. “I’m excited that, as Southerners, we can tell these complex stories through food and culture, and not shy away from our past or present.”