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Border & Immigration

San Diego Activists Part of Nationwide Immigration Reform Effort

Immigrants rights activists gathered at San Diego County's Administration building Monday to call for comprehensive immigration reform. AS KPBS Reporter Amy Isackson reports the gathering is part of a nationwide immigration reform campaign.

About two dozen people representing various religious, labor and immigrants rights groups got together to tell Congress and President Barack Obama its time to fix the nation's immigration system.

Estella de los Rios is with the San Diego Immigrants Rights Consortium.


She says creating a process for undocumented immigrants to become United States citizens tops the agenda.

"To come out of the shadows and have the opportunity to be good citizens and contribute to the economy because they already contribute. Seven-billion alone is contributed to the social security system."

Immigrants rights activists gathered in 39 cities nationwide.

About 750 people representing these groups plan to meet in Washington DC later this week to craft a unified reform plan.

President Obama plans to discuss immigration with members of Congress early next week.