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Border & Immigration

Border Patrol Strengthens Area Presence After Agent's Death

Beefed-up Border

The Border Patrol has beefed up its operations in San Diego in response to the death of an agent last month. The agent, Robert Rosas, was killed while patrolling the border in Campo.

Border Patrol spokesman Julius Alatorre said the new operation called "Stronghold" means more agents have been assigned to San Diego County.

He said there are also more canines, aerial support and intensive screening at Border Patrol checkpoints. "The operation was set into place to gain greater operational control of the border between the ports of entry, preventing all forms of illegal cross-border activity, not just the violent attacks or anything like that but just as a whole in San Diego sector.

Alatorre said traffic is backing up on Highway 94 in Dulzura is because Border Patrol agents are screening all cars at that checkpoint. The operation began Monday. Since then, it can take up to an hour to drive through the area.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol officials say attacks on agents and apprehensions of people crossing the border illegally have dropped in San Diego this year compared to last.

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