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Service Held For Father Of Tijuana's Mayor

Service Held For Father Of Tijuana's Mayor
Alfonso Bustamante, considered one of the architects of modern Tijuana, died at his home on Wednesday. He was 95.

Mourners attended a memorial service at a Tijuana church Friday afternoon for Alfonso Bustamante, who died Wednesday. He was the father of Tijuana's mayor, Carlos Bustamante.

Alfonso Bustamante was a businessman and developer, responsible for building two icons of Tijuana's skyline: two tall, glass buildings that house the Grand Hotel Tijuana and upscale offices.

Bustamante also established the local gas company and developed one of the first industrial parks to the east of the city that helped usher in Tijuana’s “maquiladora” or manufacturing industry.


James Clark works on Mexican business issues with the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. He says the elder Bustamante’s has been retired for years. His four sons now run his businesses and are also deeply involved in politics south of the border.

“The great impact, of course, of Alfonso Bustamante Sr. was particularly helping to turn Tijuana from just a small border town to the economic powerhouse it is now," Clark said. "Our condolences go out to the family. He will me missed."

Bustmante also invested in San Diego businesses and various charities. He was 95.