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Border & Immigration

Deportations Adding Thousands Of Kids To Foster Care

Children Of Deportees In Foster Care
Children Of Deportees In Foster Care

Thousands of children born in the United States are being left in foster care after their parents are arrested on immigration charges.

In the first half of 2011, immigration activists say the United States deported more than 46,000 parents. The think tank, Applied Research Center, estimates that because of that, about 5,000 children who are U.S. citizens were left with foster care agencies, at times for months.

It happens more often when local law enforcement makes the immigration arrest either under a Secure Communities or a 287 g agreement, the policy named for the immigration law that allows local police to enforce immigration laws.


Yali Linkcroft is a consultant who works with children whose parents are in custody.

"And what becomes very difficult is they’re not able to exercise what they as parents want to do: find a safe place for their children," Linkcroft said.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said ICE gives parents an opportunity to take care of their children and as a policy, does not target parents.