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Tijuana's Xolos Club Seeks To Curb Beer Showers At Games

Xolos vs. Irapuato, May 21, 2011

The Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles plays its season opener on Friday, and the Caliente Stadium will be packed. But fans there may have to tone down their usual gushing enthusiasm this season.

Editor's Note: The beer showers were curbed at the home opener, but not eliminated. See this Border Lines blog post for more.

Club authorities are trying to dry up the post-goal tradition of throwing beer, soda, or whatever else people are drinking over the crowd. They recently posted a note on the club's website asking fans to please react to the team's goals "with respect and without exaggeration, especially in the case of pouring liquids over other fans."

Tijuana's Xolos Club Seeks To Curb Beer Showers At Games
Tijuana's Xolos soccer team plays its first game of the season on Friday. And this year, fans may stay dry.

They ask the public to think of the kids and old people who like to enjoy the game and may not find a drenching fun. Failing to obey the new rule, they warn, could get your season tickets yanked.


Judging from the comments posted on the Xolos website, most fans seem to be happy about the new policy. But some doubt it can be enforced.

"It's a pretty well-established tradition and I'm pretty sure it's not going to stop," said David Correa, a San Diego-based Xolos fan.

Correa is polling fans about the new "Beer Shower" ban on his website, XoloSD.