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Brown Proposes $30 Million Cut To Libraries

Libraries will have to share the burden of California’s fiscal emergency if Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal stands. But, cutting $30 million in state funding could result in a loss of federal money too.

Checking out books is just one option if you go to the library.

The Director of Public Libraries in Sacramento, Rivkah Sass said libraries offer many other resources including free internet and volunteers who teach reading.


Sass said the proposed cuts would reduce Sacramento’s library budget by 2 percent. That would mean some services might disappear, but Sass is more worried that federal money would disappear too.

“It’s not even this year or next year,” Sass said. “Yes we’ll lose those funds that are in the governor’s budget. That’s real money and that will impact us and it will impact our ability to serve our communities but the longer term picture is that it also impacts the money we’re able to receive from federal funds.”

That’s because libraries must meet federal levels of performance for continued federal funding. If state support declines, fewer federal dollars will come to California libraries. Sass said if the Brown budget cuts go through, bigger libraries will likely survive, but some rural libraries may be forced to close.