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Southern California Drivers Plan To Visit San Diego


The Southern California Automobile Club says high gas prices won't keep people off the roads this weekend. Nearly 3 million people in Southern California will take a trip of 50 miles or less during the weekend. Many will drive to San Diego.

"This isn't any surprise because San Diego is such a great destination," said Marie Montgomery, a spokeswoman for the Automobile club of Southern California. "A lot of people from the L.A. / Orange County area like to come. It is nearby and easy to get to."

Fewer people are driving this year, because of high gas prices.


"The reality is that they're still very high. Close to $4 a gallon. People are conscious of that and traffic is going to drop a little bit compared to last year because of the higher gas prices. But we're expecting a few more people are going to make some last minute decisions," said Montgomery.

AAA estimates that 3 percent fewer drivers will be on the road. However, 339,000 people are expected to fly to a vacation destination over the weekend, and that number is up about 2 percent over last year.