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Union Pacific To Build Rail Facility Near U.S.-Mexico Border

New Rail Facility
New rail facility

Construction of the largest rail facility along the U.S.-Mexico border has officially begun in southern New Mexico.

It is being built by Union Pacific and will serve as a refueling station and a place where trucks can transfer their cargo containers to trains, which can then travel across the country.

The $400 million dollar facility is being built in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, not far from the U.S.-Mexico border. At a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, Union Pacific CEO James Young said the facility will be an economic boost to the area.


“At the end of the day, to compete in the world market or domestically, you have to have the ability to ship your products,” Young said.

Every day products - from electronics to food and furniture - will arrive at the station and be transported across the country.

Construction is expected to last four years. Once completed the facility will employ some 600 people.