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San Diego Gas Prices Under $4


San Diego Drivers have been feeling the sting of high gas prices since the cost of fuel climbed past $4 a gallon on February 16th. The Utility Consumer's Action Network tracks local fuel prices.

San Diego Gas Prices Under $4
San Diego's average gas price is below $4 a gallon for the first time since mid-February and the price may continue to drop.

The consumer group finds high prices were crushing demand for gas and that's helped put downward pressure on prices. The cost of oil is also falling.

"Oil Prices have been dropping and they've belly flopped below $100 for brent crude, a $100 a barrel," said UCAN's Charles Langley. "And domestic crude is selling in the low $80s and that's a trend we may well continue. We may hit the $70s for oil which is really good for the economy."

Consumers may be getting a break now, according to Langley but 2012 still has the highest ever average price for for a gallon of gas.