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New Off-Campus Housing Project Opens Near SDSU

Erik Anderson

The facility on Linda Paseo Drive near San Diego State University is not your parents' dorm room.

New Off-Campus Housing Project Opens Near SDSU
Developers cut the ribbon on a just-completed $42 million off-campus housing project near San Diego State University today.

The structure has amenities including a full bistro, workout facilities, tanning salon and theater.

Next fall, students will be living in this off-campus luxury version of a college dorm.

Developer Erich Aragon said the high-end dorms will cost up to $1,400 a month if a student takes advantage of all the amenities, but he said he thinks the community will get the biggest benefit.

"The community has really had a burden over the years with so many students living outside and away from the campus. These kinds of projects are bringing the students closer to campus," said Aragon.

"They're keeping their activities more local to the campus needs and campus area. And it's providing the housing that they really can't get anymore. The newest developments are what's attracting students to come here," said Aragon.

An influx of students from out of the area and the fact that SDSU has more students in general prompted the push for several housing projects near campus.

A number of private sector projects are responsible for enough new off-campus housing for about 2,000 students.