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San Diego Doesn't Rank Well With Job Seekers

San Diego Doesn't Rank Well With Job Seekers
San Diego isn't the most attractive place for people looking for a job. The city ranked in the lower half of the nation's top metropolitan areas.

San Diego doesn't fare well on a national survey listing the most attractive cities for job seekers and that's important because the Census Bureau found nearly half of the people who lost jobs during the great recession moved to a new city to find work.


San Diego was 36th on the survey's list. Well behind the most attractive cities for job seekers, Fort Worth and Washington, D.C., but still ahead of Los Angeles and New York at the bottom of the list.

San Diego did rank two slots higher than Detroit.

The WalletHub survey quantified the ease of finding a job, salary and benefits and a city's cost of living. The survey looked at 13 specific parameters.

The items being measured in the survey are things many people considering a move here would look at.

The full results and methodology can be found here. The findings likely mean the most to older workers who a seeking jobs.


"There's definitely a segment of the population, 30-somethings to 50-somethings, that lost jobs during the last recession and they are finding job hunting very difficult," said James Tarbox, a San Diego State University business professor.

Tarbox said surveys like this resonate with them as they consider new cities to work in.

San Diego Association of Governments senior economist Marney Cox says a negative perception makes it harder for local firms to attract highly skilled workers.