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San Diego's Unemployment Rate Hits Lowest Point Since May 2008

San Diego County and California unemployment rate for the month of May since 2000.

The unemployment rate in San Diego County last month was 5.8 percent, the lowest mark since May 2008, the state Employment Development Department announced Friday.

San Diego County Unemployment Rate Since 2000

May 2014: 5.8 percent

May 2013: 7.3 percent

May 2012: 8.8 percent

May 2011: 9.8 percent

May 2010: 10.1 percent

May 2009: 9.2 percent

May 2008: 5.4 percent

May 2007: 4.1 percent

May 2006: 3.7 percent

May 2005: 4.1 percent

May 2004: 4.7 percent

May 2003: 5.0 percent

May 2002: 4.7 percent

May 2001: 3.6 percent

May 2000: 3.8 percent

Note: Figures are not seasonally adjusted.


The May figure compares to a revised 6.1 percent in April, and 7.3 percent in May 2013, according to the EDD.

The agency said the unemployment rate in California last month was 7.1 percent, and it was 6.1 percent in the U.S. as a whole. Neither the state nor national figures were seasonally adjusted.

The most job gains in May were seen in accommodations and food services, which picked up 3,200 jobs.

Over the past year, the sector added 4,500 positions. The financial activities area lost 1,000 jobs since May 2013.

Just over 92,000 San Diegans were without work last month from a workforce of almost 1.6 million. The total amount of people without jobs is more than 23,000 less than the same period last year, according to the state agency.

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