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Pro Water Bond Camp Tells Voters Why They Should Vote For Prop. 1


Backers of the state's "water bond" and "rainy day fund" propositions unveiled four new television ads this week.

California Governor Jerry Brown continues to be the most visible spokesman for the yes on Propositions 1 and 2 camp. He is featured prominently in one of the new ads that hints at a major accomplishment his father, Edmund "Pat" Brown, made while in the governor's office.

Prop. 1 and 2 Ad Featuring Gov. Jerry Brown

"Its been over 50 years since we built the state water project that's been the backbone of California. To stay strong, we need a reliable water supply and a stable budget," Brown said in the advertisement.

The other spots highlight a Central Valley farmer, an economist talking about California's boom and bust past, and two lawmakers, a Republican and a Democrat, the co-sponsors of Proposition 1.

Opponents of the water bond came out with a list of past water bonds this week. They argued those measures did not meet the promises they made, and neither will Proposition 1.

Voters will decide on both Proposition 1 and 2 Nov. 4.