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Proposed Rules Would Give Freshmen Better Access To Community College Classes

The days of a “career” community college student getting classes ahead of a first-year student may be coming to an end.

If the California Community Colleges Board of Governors approves new proposed guidelines, schools will start approving class requests based on a student’s academic plan and progress toward a degree.

Chancellor Jack Scott says in the last few years, community colleges have attracted fewer first-year students because critical classes were harder to get.


“Let’s say somebody wants to take French because they’re going to Paris next year or somebody’s taking golf now for the third or fourth time. That even if they’re continuing students, they shouldn’t be able to register ahead of our first-year students," said Scott.

Active-duty military, veterans and former foster children will still have priority standing. They will be followed by students who have completed education plans, are in good academic standing, and have fewer than 100 credits.

The Community College Board may make a final decision in September, but Scott says the guidelines might not take effect until 2014.