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University of San Diego senior student appointed president for a day

University of San Diego
Miguel Hornedo sits at the desk of the University of San Diego president, a position he was appointed to hold for the day on May 10, 2022. He is graduating as a psychology major with a minor in theology and religious studies.

The University of San Diego welcomed a new president for a day on Tuesday.

Miguel Hornedo is a USD senior graduating as a psychology major with a minor in theology and religious studies. He assumed the ceremonial leadership position, Tuesday, starting with a morning hike through Tecolote Canyon with the permanent university president, James T. Harris.

Hornedo then had several meetings with university officials, which included planning for the graduation Mass, a discussion on an admissions decision and asking a donor for money.


He spent time behind the president’s desk, a position he could see himself filling someday.

“As someone who identifies as Mexican American, I do see a need for people like myself to be in positions of leadership, especially in academics,” Hornedo told KPBS News.“ I think that education is the great equalizer. I think a way to break the socioeconomic restraints on minorities is to be educated.”

He transferred from Southwestern College as a junior and commutes from Chula Vista, where he was born and raised.

He understands the challenges that face students who don’t have a dedicated living and learning space on campus.

University of San Diego
As USD's president for a day, Miguel Hornedo was awarded $1,000 to be donated in his name to the San Diego Hunger Coalition on May 10, 2022

The annual President for a Day program requires applicants to write an essay about their leadership qualities and the issues they would address as leader of USD.

“I chose USD mostly because it’s a Catholic institution. I really value how they focus on issues like social justice as well as the values they instill in students to know between right and wrong,” he said.

Hornedo was awarded $1,000 as a donation in his name to be made to the San Diego Hunger Coalition.