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Rebates Available For Home Water-Saving Devices

The San Diego County Water Authority says funding for commercial water conservation rebates has dried up for this fiscal year, but there is money for residential water-saving device rebates.

The commercial rebates were offered through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's Save-A-Buck Rebate Program.

The program provides rebates for the replacement of older, inefficient devices used by businesses.


Bill Rose with the County Water Authority says limited commercial rebates remain available through the Authority and some local water agencies in the county.

However, Rose says residential rebates available through the SoCal WaterSmart program are also available.

"It's a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor products. Everything from toilets on the inside to smart irrigation controllers for your yard, for your irrigation system and high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles," said Rose.

He says the Water Authority, in partnership with SDG&E, also has limited funding for multi-family high-efficiency clothes washers.