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New Legislation Proposed To Require Apartment Recycling Programs

Apartment owners would be required to offer recycling service to tenants under a new bill introduced by a democratic state lawmaker. The legislation by Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield would apply to multi-family housing with five or more units.

Mark Murray of “Californians Against Waste” supports the bill. He says only about 15 percent of the waste generated at apartments is recycled, compared to more than 50 percent of the waste generated at single-family homes:

“There’s a big gap there,” said Murray. “That gap means a lost opportunity, but more importantly it means recyclable materials are going to the landfill.”


Assemblyman Blumenfield pushed a similar bill through the legislature in 2009, but it was vetoed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his veto message he said the legislation placed costly requirements on apartment owners.