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Mayor Kicks Off San Diego's 'Summer Of Energy Independence' Campaign

This Fourth of July Mayor Jerry Sanders wants San Diegans to exercise their energy independence.

The mayor has partnered with SDG&E and San Diego’s Center for Sustainable Energy to offer free energy education workshops.

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“In the coming weeks we’ll tell you how you can get your very affordable home-energy upgrades to make your home more comfortable and also reduce your energy bill," Sanders said. "We’ll announce changes that will make a car-free lifestyle possible in San Diego and we’ll announce programs that substantially lower the cost for solar and energy-saving systems for the home.”


At a press conference today Mayor Sanders asked San Diegans to take at least one step during the next few months to conserve energy.

"It could be as small as installing energy efficient lights or low flow showerheads, or as major as installing a solar hot-water heater or purchasing an all-electric vehicle," Sanders said.

Siobhan Foley is director of education at the Center for Sustainable Energy. She says home retrofits offer more than just energy and money savings.

“You’re warm when you’re supposed to be warm, you’re cool when you’re supposed to be cool," Foley said. "The air flow in your home is clean, healthy air.”

More information about the energy independence campaign is at