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United Nations Report Critical of Water Quality in California

A United Nations report titled the “Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation” is critical of California.

The report states the goal of universal access to clean water has “yet to be attained” in parts of the San Joaquin Valley. The study claims groundwater is being contaminated by elevated nitrate levels from crop fertilizers and animal manure.

The UN study was coordinated by a human-rights group called the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.


“We have information about schools that have had to close their drinking water fountains in the San Joaquin Valley where the school districts themselves must buy bottled water placing a financial burden on the educational institution,” said Patricia Jones who is with the committee.

California state lawmakers are considering a bill that would tighten up water quality standards called the “Human Right to Water Measure.” Opponents believe it would hurt California’s agriculture industry.