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Fire Danger Elevated In Cleveland National Forest

If you're planning to spend time in the Cleveland National Forest during the holiday weekend, fire restrictions have been moved to "Elevated" due to hot temperatures and dry vegetation.

Brian Harris with the Cleveland National Forest said the conditions make it likely small fires could grow into larger fires.

"People need to be extremely cautious while they're out there," said Harris. "We expect a lot of people out in the forest this weekend. We're just warning them that you need to be really safe with fire while you're out there."


He said under "Elevated" fire restrictions, the Forest Service restricts activities which have historically caused wildfires in the Forest.

But Harris said with the new fire restriction system, people are allowed to have campfires at developed campgrounds.

Elevated Fire Restrictions:1. Fireworks are never allowed on the Cleveland National Forest. 2. Spark arrestors are required for all off-highway vehicles, chainsaws, and other internal combustion equipment. 3. Welding, grinding, cutting, the use of explosives, and other activities requiring a special use authorization may be restricted. 4. No wood or charcoal fires are allowed except in identified developed campgrounds and developed picnic areas with designated fire rings. Forest officials have the latitude to add or subtract to the allowable fire use areas as deemed necessary due to fire danger.