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A 'Greater Vision' Means A More Urban San Diego

A 'Greater Vision' Means A More Urban San Diego
A San Diego Foundation poll shows San Diego residents will accept greater urban density to get more convenience and better use of the environment.

San Diegans say they want the future to offer more compact development, even if that means smaller homes. The San Diego Foundation surveyed 30,000 residents for a project they call Our Greater San Diego Vision. They asked respondents to choose between four housing scenarios.

The great majority chose a vision, in which most housing would be townhomes, compact detached homes, and multistory buildings.

Bill Geppert, chairman of the regional vision initiative, said respondents want to preserve resources and reduce travel time.


"I think it's affordability, it's proximity, and ultimately I think people understand that there is limited land available," he said.

Lori Pfeiler, also with the vision initiative, says younger respondents favored an even more densely populated future, with homes close to jobs and entertainment.

"When you talk about attracting the young and the restless," she said, "they want to live close to the action."

Our Greater San Diego Vision aims to find way to accommodate a growing population. Pfeiler said the "vision' will be complete when the foundation issues it final report in July.