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Report: Temperatures, Ocean Levels, Wildfire Threat Rising


A top California environmental official says climate change is having an increasingly measurable impact on the state.

Report: Temperatures, Ocean Levels, Wildfire Threat Rising
California's measurement of climate change indicators shows the climate is already changing.

A new study from the California Environmental Protection Agency tracked 36 indicators of climate change.

The agency's George Alexeeff said the signs of climate change are getting stronger.


The report concludes average temperatures, ocean levels and the wildfire threat are all up. The snow pack, a huge source of drinking water, is smaller, and certain plants and animals are looking for better places to live.

Even so, there is good news.

"Energy efficiency has increased dramatically," said Alexeeff. "We have reduced greenhouse gas emissions and black carbon emissions so we're able to make some progress...".

There is no longer a question about whether climate change is happening, according to Alexeeff. Now, the question is the depth and breadth of the impacts.

California is one of the first states in the nation to track indicators capable of measuring climate change.