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Conjoined Grey Whales Discovered in Baja California Lagoon

Conjoined Whale Calves In Baja California

It’s the beginning of gray whale calving season in the lagoons of Baja California, Mexico, and fishermen there recently had a rare find: conjoined whale twins.

The conjoined calves were deceased when discovered in Laguna Ojo de Liebre, or Scammon’s Lagoon. Discovery News reported that the twins were smaller than normal — about 7-feet long compared to 12- to 16-feet for healthy calves — and might have been miscarried.

The find is extremely rare although conjoined whales of other species have been documented.


An unusually high number of whales are being spotted off the coast of Southern California this migration season. The Los Angeles Times reports that the number of grey whales spotted in December was double what it was last year.