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H1N1 School Clinics Approved

San Diego County's Health and Human Services Agency got the OK to set up H1N1 clinics at San Diego public schools yesterday.

The San Diego Unified School Board voted to allow public health officials on campus in order to quickly vaccinate large numbers of children and nearby residents.

School board president Sheila Jackson says the district has budgeted about half a million dollars to be prepared for H1N1 this year. She says so far the money has been spent on hand sanitizers and custodial work.


"Even though we have a lot of students within the classrooms, we are really working hard to keep the classrooms really, really clean and having sanitizers all over the place," Jackson said.

The county and district is still deciding which schools should house the makeshift clinics, as well as when to begin offering vaccinations. Public health officials announced just last week there have been swine flu outbreaks at almost 30 San Diego County schools over the past few weeks.