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Several High-Profile Health Care Bills Being Considered By State Lawmakers

With state lawmakers returning to the capitol to finish up this legislative session, there are several high-profile health care bills to be considered.

Many of the bills would help implement the federal health care law passed earlier this year. Among those proposals is legislation requiring health insurance companies to cover maternity care.

Another bill would allow children with pre-existing medical conditions to keep their insurance.


Several proposals are aimed at the insurance industry, including legislation that would prohibit midyear rate hikes as well as extending grace periods for customers to pay premiums.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has previously vetoed two bills up for consideration this session. One bill creates a single-payer health insurance system. The other bill requires insurance companies to pay for mental illness treatment.

The governor has again vowed to veto the single payer bill. That proposal is expected to pass the Legislature by the end of this month.