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Disaster Preparedness Pays Off For Hospitals

Disaster Preparedness Pays Off For Hospitals
It was smooth sailing for hospitals during the blackout. Hospital officials say that was by design.

There were minimal disruptions in San Diego hospitals during last week's blackout. Hospital officials say disaster preparedness really paid off.

Terrorist attacks, earthquakes, disease outbreaks. These are just some of the scenarios hospitals prepare for during their frequent drills.

Scripps Health Vice President Tim Collins said they've considered the possibility of power outages, too. So when last week's blackout hit, they were ready.

Collins said competition among hospitals stops during a crisis.

"We all drill cooperatively within the county," Collins pointed out, "and we all work collectively among agencies, and each other. So when disasters strike, we're all on the same team."

The blackout did force some delays of elective surgeries. Hospital officials said many of them have already been rescheduled.