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Proposition 29 Gives Smokers One More Reason To Quit

Helen Hawes

If Proposition 29 passes in June, cigarettes will cost an extra $1 per pack, putting even more pressure on California smokers to quit.

And while many ex-smokers say they quit cold turkey, putting cigarettes out for good is usually not an overnight affair, according to Debra Kelley with the American Lung Association.

“Quitting smoking is really hard to do and it takes the average smoker in California 12 to 14 attempts before they're able to quit successfully," she said. "When people relapse, they do feel bad, but the more quit attempts people make, the more they learn, the more successful they are."


She added that smokers can quadruple their chances of quitting permanently by using a program that guides them through the steps.

A national website,, offers counselors who help consumers discover what their smoking triggers are, then devise strategies to help them to quit.

Smokers can choose how they would like to communicate to get the information they need. There is a phone hotline and live chat via email. Consumers can even sign up for encouraging automated text messages.

1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669) is the California hotline. All services offered are confidential.