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Scripps Hospitals Screening All Visitors For Flu

More than 1,400 San Diegans have been diagnosed with the flu so far this season. Infectious disease specialists say this year’s strain is especially powerful, and is making even healthy people extremely sick.

Dr. Davis Cracroft, medical director of Scripps Mercy Hospital, said all visitors must be screened to help prevent spreading the flu.

“Those that have flu-like symptoms are going to be turned away at the door, to limit exposure to sick patients on the floor, and also to other individuals who work in the hospital," Cracroft said.


Scripps took similar steps in 2009 during the H1N1 pandemic.

This year, Scripps also is banning all children age 14 and under unless they are hospital patients.

UC San Diego Health System is prohibiting kids age 12 and under from visiting patients.

Sharp hospitals are not screening all visitors, but are advising people with flu-like symptoms to stay home.

At least 45 people in California have died from the flu so far this season. State health officials said most victims had not received a flu shot.