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Michelle Knox: Can Talking About Death Take Fear And Stress Out Of The Inevitable?

Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Dying Well.

About Michelle Knox's TED Talk

How can we better cope with grief? After observing funerals around the world, banker and travel blogger Michelle Knox suggests we talk about death with our loved ones — especially when we're healthy.


About Michelle Knox

Michelle Knox works in Finance Transformation for Westpac Banking Corporation in Sydney Australia.

Michelle is also an avid work traveler and storyteller with her own travel blog.

Inspired by her father's death in 2017, Knox learned that talking about death and planning for it allowed her father to experience a good death and her family to grieve in a more healthy way.

Since then, she has had conversations with people from around the world about death, researched the topic, and observed vastly different funeral rituals to better understand how others grieve the death of loved ones.


Using this experience, Knox shares the message of dying well with others.

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