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KPBS Premieres New Season of “Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla: California’s History”

Episodes examine history of Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation

“Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla” debuts Thursday nights at 9 p.m. beginning October 18, 2018 with five new episodes on KPBS.

Historic Places with Elsa Sevilla: California’s History examines the encounter between the Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation and the Spanish settlers in 1769 and its impact on the region 250 years later. The series highlights the Indigenous People’s history and examines the first European settlement in California. Featuring interviews with members of the Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation, Host Elsa Sevilla walks us through their rich, pre-contact history, their first encounter with Spanish settlers and shares the history and development of the missions.

“Everyone’s history is important and it should be told so that others can learn about it. Producing the new series of Historic Places was definitely the toughest, but also the most rewarding. It was incredible to learn about the Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation’s history. I’m honored they trusted me with their People’s history and traditional stories,” says Sevilla.



October 18th | Episode 1

Learn how the Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation use cosmology, ethno-botany, agriculture and more to survive for thousands of years.

October 25th | Episode 2

Learn about the rich Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation’s elaborate family, government and trading systems.


November 1st | Episode 3

After living in harmony for thousands of years, change is coming to the vast traditional Kumeyaay Nation territory.

November 8th | Episode 4

The encounter between the Indigenous People of the Kumeyaay Nation and the European settlers will mark 250 years (July 17, 2019).

November 15th | Episode 5

San Diego, California is established 250 years ago. Find out why California’s Missions are romanticized during the late 1800s and why the Indigenous People’s history is overshadowed.

Historic Places, now entering its ninth season, has been a KPBS viewer favorite since 2008. The show is a Sevilla Productions, LLC Project in partnership with KPBS and the San Diego History Center. The series is produced by a husband and wife team, Executive Producer Elsa Sevilla and Director of Photography Guillermo Sevilla. Elsa and Guillermo combine their 28 years of broadcast journalism skills and experience to bring the stories of the past to the present.

Historic Places and its producers were nominated for an Emmy award and have been recognized by the City of San Diego Historic Preservation Board, the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Magazine and more, with a proclamation from the office of County Supervisor Greg Cox and San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez.

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