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KPBS “Port of Entry" Podcast Launches October 14

New format shares personal stories at the busiest border crossing in the Western Hemisphere

"Only Here" is now "Port of Entry." From KPBS and PRX, "Port of Entry" brings you cross-border stories that connect us. If you were already a subscriber, the transition should be seamless for you. Just be sure to make a mental note of our new logo and name so you can find us when you need to. For the rest of you who haven’t become loyal listeners yet, you can subscribe at, on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen. Join us for our virtual launch event on Oct. 14. Register here: And if you have any border stories you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them. Call or text anytime: (619) 452-0228‬.

KPBS’ border podcast “Only Here” is relaunching with the name “Port of Entry” and a new format on October 14, 2020. The new name better reflects the show’s purpose of sharing personal stories at the busiest border crossing in the Western Hemisphere. The show will be available for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and other podcast players. Subscribers to “Only Here” will automatically be subscribed.

The “Port of Entry” podcast focuses on border people who often inhabit the in-between space created by the separation and collision of two cultures. Each episode dives deeper into people's personal stories, what makes them tick and how the border has shaped their lives. The new narrative-style storytelling format will also feature mini series, or clusters of three to four episodes centered on themes like people who cross for love and sex, people who cross for medical care, and people who cross for money.

The trailer is available here.


“The border gets a lot of attention in the media, but a lot of the coverage moves fast and just skims the surface,” says Alan Lilienthal, host of “Port of Entry.” “It’s really an honor to be able to share these personal border stories that both go beyond the headlines or dive deeper into them. I think the border region is incredibly misunderstood and we want to explore stories that can illuminate cross-border life in a more nuanced way.”

The “Port of Entry” team includes:

Host Alan Lilienthal, producer Kinsee Morlan and director of sound design Emily Jankowski. Lisa Jane Morrisette is the operations manager and John Decker is the director of programming.

The public is invited to join the “Port of Entry” team, KPBS and PRX at a live virtual show on October 14 at 6 p.m. The multimedia storytelling showcase will give guests a look at two of the new episodes that offer two very different takes on what it’s like to be Black and living at the border. Guests will receive a special “Port of Entry” beverage recipe to make at home, plus a “border music” playlist curated by host Alan Lilienthal and sound designer Emily Jankowski. The event is free and registration is required at

Earlier this year, the “Port of Entry” team completed an acclaimed public media podcast accelerator program with PRX. The updated podcast format puts into use the skills gained through the innovative year-long training program.


“The year we spent learning about podcasting alongside other public media stations from across the country was nothing short of mindblowing,” says “Port of Entry” producer Kinsee Morlan. “We learned stylistic and technical podcasting tactics, but also came to understand how the storytelling we’re doing in our podcast can help serve as the glue that helps keep our binational community connected, especially in these divisive times when the border is such a hot-button issue.”

Upcoming episodes are:

Race And Politics At the Border | Oct. 14 - Nov. 25

Ep. 1 | Oct. 14 | Black At The Border: The Black Lives Matter movement is born in Tijuana. How Black migrants are working together to birth a movement.

Ep. 2 | Oct. 23 | Voting On Both Sides: Meet dual citizens who stay politically active on both sides of the border.

Ep. 3 | Nov. 11 | Black Expats: Black Americans who moved to Mexico and other parts of the world to find refuge from racism.

Ep. 4 | Nov. 25 | Moved By Music | A Recurring Series Featuring Border People And The Music They Love: Jorge Gonzalez, Afro-Mexican researcher, takes us on a tour of meaningful music from Africa, Latin America and the U.S.

Crossing for Survival | Dec. 30 - Feb. 24

Ep. 5 | Dec. 30 | All In On The Alternative: A woman from San Diego goes all in on the alternative, holistic cancer treatment in Tijuana.

Ep. 6 | Jan. 13 | Insulin Or Bust: A San Diego mom crosses to Tijuana to buy much cheaper insulin for her son, who was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Plus, a San Diego grandma who isn’t crossing anymore to buy cheaper insulin because of the pandemic and is instead rationing.

Ep. 7 | Jan. 27 | Fluffy Goes South: A story about how far we go for our pets, and a San Diego woman helping people go even further — across the border.

Ep. 8: Feb. 10 | Border Babies: U.S. couples go to Tijuana to have a baby via reproductive assistance that’s much more affordable.

Ep. 9: Feb. 24: Made by Music Recurring Series

Crossing for Sex and Love | March 31 - May 19

Ep. 10 | March 31 | Tinder Breaking Down Borders: The dating app uses proximity to match people and since its inception its been making cross-border matches. Plus, a language app that launched a love story.

Ep. 11 | April 7 | A Bad Breakup With Tijuana: A former Tijuana booster grapples with his relationship with the city now that it’s suffering from record-breaking violence.

Ep. 12 | April 21 | Love and Deportation: A couple who was actually brought back together when the husband was deported to Mexico. A mom who was separated from her kids through deportation and now helps other deported parents. And an artist who was deported, but his wife in Oakland still comes down and does everything she can to keep the family together.

Ep. 13 | May 5 | The Red Zone: The sex industry thrives in Tijuana because of its proximity to the border. Meet a longtime pimp (expat from the US) who has been working in Zona Norte in Tijuana for decades, a sex worker from Tijuana and a John from San Diego.

Ep. 14 | May 19 | Made by Music Recurring Series

The schedule is subject to change.

“Port of Entry” is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

You can subscribe to the series now by visiting, or just search “Port of Entry” in your favorite podcast app.

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