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Movies are Back and so is KPBS’ “Cinema Junkie” Podcast

KPBS is premiering a new season of “Cinema Junkie” in which host, producer and film critic Beth Accomando celebrates a community of film lovers through interviews with filmmakers, movie enthusiasts and brand new experiences that are sure to satisfy celluloid addicts everywhere. The podcast is available now for download on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other podcast players.

“Cinema Junkie” is a fun, intelligent and often geeky discussion about film for people who are serious about their movies. The season will feature 10 new episodes, each with its own cinematic theme. From celebrating Comic-Con to exploring Bollywood, Beth interviews filmmakers, artists, scholars, historians, and authors who provide filmic insight for fellow cinephiles.

New to the podcast are two short segments –“Share Your Addiction” and “Cold Turkey.” In “Share Your Addiction,” listeners and guests are invited to share short raves that air in the podcast and may also be used on social media. “Cold Turkey” will also engage listeners through weekly call outs for people to convince us in a short rant about what film-related thing we need to quit cold turkey.


Also, Beth will host the Cinema Junkie test kitchen on the KPBS YouTube channel as the “Geeky Gourmet.” The videos will accompany the podcast to show how to make a themed food or drink paired with that week’s episode.

"I am thrilled to have a chance to do some new things this year with the podcast that really engages with the listeners. I'm particularly looking forward to sharing my geeky food obsessions to help others learn how to make James Bond's Vesper or edible blood that can be both a dessert and a special effect for your horror film, or find out how to make the perfect intermission snack for a Bollywood film,” says Accomando.

“I love film because it is so readily accessible to everyone and while people may be afraid to open a book or attend opera because they perceive those as something more challenging, almost everyone is open to going to a movie and movies can be such gateways to ideas, adventures, other worlds and cultures, and just other perspectives,” says Accomando.

The episodes will be released every other Wednesday beginning July 14. You can subscribe to the series now by visiting, or just search “Cinema Junkie” in your favorite podcast app.

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