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Anne and Don Wemple, and Dr. Arthur Getis are the 2021 KPBS Hall of Fame Visionaries
Anne and Don Wemple (left) and Dr. Arthur Getis (right) are the 2021 KPBS Hall of Fame Visionaries. Anne and Don Wemple photo by Frank Villalpando, di Franco Photography.

KPBS has announced its 2021 Hall of Fame honorees. San Carlos residents Don and Anne Wemple, along with SDSU professor emeritus Dr. Arthur Getis, are recognized as the 2021 Visionary honorees. Established in 2010, the KPBS Hall of Fame honors individuals and families who have made KPBS one of the leading public media organizations in the country.

“The KPBS Hall of Fame was created to recognize those individuals and families that have made a lasting impact on KPBS,” says KPBS Interim General Manager Nancy Worlie. “This year we are very proud to induct two of our longest-serving volunteers and one of our biggest advocates. Don and Anne Wemple and Dr. Arthur Getis have each made extraordinary contributions to the station. Their example is an inspiration for anyone looking to give back and strengthen our community.”

Don and Anne Wemple have volunteered at KPBS for more than four decades, giving their time and energy in virtually every capacity possible: auctions, wine and food festivals, pledge drives, screenings, and studio audience broadcasts. Don also served as a Radio Reading Service volunteer and a guide for public tours of the station. Up until the pandemic, they worked together in the membership office every Tuesday where they would prepare membership mailings and packages.


“We just feel like KPBS has given us more than we’ve ever given them,” says Anne. “It’s an honor [to be recognized]. But we’re still amazed.”

Dr. Arthur Getis, who is a professor emeritus of geography at San Diego State University, spent his life's work researching, writing, and educating others on spatial statistics, pattern analysis, and urban and population geography. With this perspective, Dr. Getis’ appreciation of public media intensified.

“One of the reasons why I support KPBS is simply because it is the most honest, the truest, the most impartial, the most clear, the most intelligent broadcasts that exist in San Diego,” says Dr. Getis.

In addition to his charitable gifts, Dr. Getis was an active participant in many KPBS events, including previous Hall of Fame celebrations, film screenings, and more.

Since its inception, a total of 35 individuals and families have been inducted into the KPBS Hall of Fame. Visionary honorees are generous supporters whose commitment and philanthropy advance KPBS’ mission. Past Visionaries include Dan and Phyllis Epstein, Steve and Sue Hart, and Carol Vassiliadis.


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