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Saving and Splurging on Good Food

Saving and Splurging on Good Food
Spring is here. Farmers markets are filling up with tenders fruits and vegetables of the season and restaurants are dusting off their patio tables. But the recession is dampening everyone's spirits. So our monthly food segment will focus on when to splurge and when to save when it comes to good food and drink.

Maureen Cavanaugh: If the produce section of your market is starting to look more inviting, you're ready for a spring menu change. Fruits, salads, and vegetables are waiting to get on your table, if they're reasonably priced.


On this month's Food Hour, we'll find out where the produce bargains are, and how to incorporate more of them into your diet. And, we'll discuss the topic of saving money on food in general - are packaged foods really money savers, or can you trim your food costs by making easy things at home? Plus, when is it a good idea to splurge just a little to treat yourself and your family?


Caron Golden, local food writer and co-host of's weekly show The Gourmet Club.

Maria Hunt, food and drink editor of San Diego News Network, and host of the blog The Bubbly Girl.