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Evictions in a pandemic

KPBS Race and Equity reporter Cristina Kim brings us two stories on evictions in San Diego. The pandemic inspired a slate of local, state and national eviction bans, and other protections for homeowners and renters to keep people housed. But those protections are going away, leaving renters especially vulnerable to eviction as the San Diego rental market heats up.

Listen to the series:
  • Ramon Toscano and his son Ramoncito at their apartment in Vista, California, June 14, 2021.
    Cristina Kim / KPBS
    In part one, we take a look at the efforts to keep people housed here in San Diego County. We talk about what worked, and who fell through the cracks, and what’s next for the region’s renters and landlords as housing becomes increasingly more expensive and protections evaporate. We also learn about the toll that the threat of evictions places on families and children.
  • Vanessa Houston and her mother, Frances Houston in their El Cajon apartment, Sept. 2, 2021.
    Matthew Bowler / KPBS
    In part two, we follow one family that has been forced out of their apartment and their search for new housing. Like thousands of other low-income renters in San Diego, their best option may be to leave the region all together. But there are groups organizing to fight evictions, and a growing tenants’ rights movement in San Diego.

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Cristina Kim
I cover racial justice and social equity issues – an expansive beat that includes housing, health, criminal justice, and education. I am interested in unpacking how systems reproduce inequalities and highlighting the ways communities of color are pushing for greater equity.
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