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New book pays tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines since 9/11

9/11 began a 20 year war that cost the lives of thousands of American service members, many who were stationed locally. A new book pays tribute to some of those heroes. Camp Pendleton Marines. KPBS North County reporter Tania Thorne spoke to the author.

Fallbrook resident Amy Forsythe is the author of Heroes Live Here: A Tribute to Camp Pendleton Marines since 9/11.

She was writing the book when American troops were trying to leave Afghanistan’s Kabul airport.

"I was putting the finishing touches on the book last August, when we realized that our troops from Camp Pendleton were involved in securing the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan," she said.


During the exit, a suicide bomb attack claimed lives of 13 service members, including nine Marines and one sailor based at Camp Pendleton.

"Unfortunately, the bulk of those troops were based right here at Camp Pendleton and so within hours, there were people bringing flowers and tributes and memorials to the front gate of Camp Pendleton and I had to include that in the book," Forsythe said.

Forsythe is a Marine Corps veteran and served three deployments to Afghanistan and two combat tours in Iraq.

She says her book showcases the service and sacrifices made by many Camp Pendleton Marines since 9/11.

“Through my research I realized that more troops based at Camp Pendleton were casualties of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other one concentrated place base or station in America," she said. "And so, through the 20 years there was always a constant rotation, somebody was always deployed."


Her book features stories, artwork and photos from Camp Pendleton Marines’ involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Forsythe says she hopes the book will bring comfort and closure to the families who lost a loved one in the war.

“Different memorials have been erected over the past 20 years and I thought ... for people who don't have access to the base and aren't allowed to come on, that this is our way of showing them just how much we we honor and appreciate the service of those marines who have gone before us," she said.

The book is available now.

A free exhibit showcasing photos from the book is open at the Oceanside Public Library until June 14.

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