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Thumbprint Gallery celebrates 13th anniversary

Thumbprint Gallery
Art from Katherine Brannock will be on display at BFree Studios during Friday's 13th Anniversary party. The artist has her solo show at Thumbprint Gallery coming on July 9.

Thumbprint Gallery celebrates its 13th anniversary on Friday with an event at two venues.

In 2009, Paul Ecdao and Johnny Tran founded Thumbprint Gallery to showcase a broad spectrum of artists but especially emerging and San Diego-area artists.

"If you look at the name Thumbprint, it means to leave your mark," Tran said. "So we're just allowing artists to have the opportunity to leave their own mark. So that's always been the mission. And maybe because of how I started as DJ and in the event business, you could say I came through the back door. So I'm interested in giving voice to artists that may not necessarily get the chance otherwise."


Coming through the back door also means that the gallery embraces what Tran calls edgier and more accessible art with an emphasis on urban art, nostalgia, pop culture and pop surrealism.

In keeping with the Thumbprint’s mission to provide a welcoming environment to bring people together to appreciate and support art, it’s hosting a 13th anniversary party on July 1. On Friday at the gallery space there will be the closing reception for the "Ill Communication" art show curated by Victorio Villa from 4 to 10 p.m.

Thumbprint is also partnering with its La Jolla neighbor BFree Studio (a couple minutes walk from the gallery) to showcase more art and live music. From 4 to 7 p.m. BFree Studio will feature a special anniversary art exhibition featuring many artists showcased by Thumbprint over the years.

Fittingly, the event also lands on the same night as First Friday La Jolla Art Walk.

Thumbprint Gallery
Art by Jason Gould will be on display for Thumbprint Gallery's 13th Anniversary event on July 1.

The exhibition will feature art by A.H. Romero, Andrew Jones, Brady Willmott, Brisk, Daniel Hicks, Ellis Luu, EXIST1981, Hilary Dufour, Hyper Helix, Ivonne Garcia, Katherine Brannock, Kolten French, Marcos LaFarga, N.C. Winters, Nonie Cruzado, Regan Russell, Richard Salcido, Thao French, Victorio Villa, Watermoon Studios and Zard Apuya.

Live music will be provided by Terry Matsuoka, OnlyChrisAng, Tori Roze and Stay Golden.